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Use the following ideas to create truly romantic coupons you can give your sweetheart:

    *** Good for a manicure at a local salon ***

    *** This coupon entitles the holder to one canlelight dinner (with the issuer of the coupon) at the most romantic restaurant in town. ***

    *** The coupon-giver will treat you to a gourmet breakfast on any Sunday. ***

    *** Good for one afternoon of window shopping with the coupon giver. Transportation and lunch included. Wishing and dreaming are encouraged. ***

    *** This entitles you to a night of watching shooting stars together. ***

    *** In addition to providing you with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a dozen red roses, the coupon issuer will treat you like the unique, special, wonderful person you are. ***

    *** This coupon allows you to celebrate the second Valentine's day of the year. The date is yours to pick! Complete with roses, chocolate, cards etc. ***

    *** The coupon giver promises to fulfill one sexual fantasy of the coupon holder's choosing. ***

    *** Redeemable for a relaxing afternoon in a quiet meadow. Picnic and romantic companionship provided. ***

    *** An evening of dancing. Kick up your heels for a night of fun! ***

    *** Good for three wishes. Coupon-giver will satisfy any wish you have (wishes must be legal, affordalbel, and possible to perform). ***

    *** Redeemable for $100 worth of shopping spree at the nearest lingerie store. ***

    *** This entitles you to a sensuous, extended lovemaking with the coupon-issuer. Time requirement: minimum 3 hours. ***

    *** Coupon of candlelight, champagne, bubblebath, and one wet and willing partner. ***

    *** This coupon entitles you to a soothing foot massage given by the coupon-issuer. To last a minimum of 20 minutes. ***

    *** Reddemable for a stress-releasing back massage. Includes scented body lotion and 30 minutes of deep muscle massage. ***

    *** Good for one session of erotic massage in the bedroom. Clothing optional, but foreplay is mandatory ;-) ***

    *** You define "wonderful" and the coupon-giver fulfills that description next Saturday. ***

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