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Love Test

This test measures how in love you are with someone.

Have you ever:

1.Felt weak in the knees at the sight of them? no yes

2.Have you ever done something that seemed ludicrous at the time to impress them? no yes

3.Have you experienced a loss of appetite because they were not with you? no yes

4.Do you have trouble sleeping without them around? no yes

5.When you do sleep, are they in your dreams? no yes

6.Can you see spending the rest of your life with them? no yes

7.Can you say things to them you would not say to any other? no yes 

8.If you closest friend were making fun of them, would you stand up for them? no yes

9.Could you never lie to them? no yes

10.Do you call them more than once a day just to hear their voice? no yes

11.Is it impossible to imagine life with out them? no yes

12.Do you have trouble remembering your life before them? no yes

13.Do you feel happiness, sadness, hot and cold all at the same time? no yes

14.Do you put them first in your life, even before you? no yes

15.Do presents from them seem more enjoyable than any other gift, even before you know what they are? no yes

16.Would you give your last chocolate to them? no yes

17.Have you ever posted pictures of them all over your walls, leaving little or no wall visible? no yes

18.Have you ever called them to hear their voice, only to hang up before speaking? no yes

19.Have you noticed things about their appearance or mannerisms that other people would not notice? no yes

20.Can you name their favorite...ice cream? no yes

21. ...movie? no yes

22. ...song? no yes

23.Do you find that certain songs on the radio seem to be written about them or the two of you? no yes

24.Would you be willing to embarrass yourself in front of others just to see them smile? no yes

25.Do you or are you looking forward to Valentines Day? no yes

26.Do you feel like you have spent your life looking for this person? no yes

27.Does a hug or kiss from them really make it all better? no yes

28.Would you stand by there side through sickness or poor times? no yes

29.Have you thought up names to call your future children? no yes

30.Do you have pet names for each other? no yes

31.Do they have the power to get on your nerves (upset you more) more then anyone else ever at times? no yes

32.Do you say things to them that your friends would make fun of you if they heard? no yes

33.Have you said those things to them in front of your friends? no yes

34.Do you consider them your best friend? no yes

35.Do you trust them? no yes

36.Have you told them that you love them? no yes

37.Do you express your love everyday? no yes

38. ...every hour? no yes

39.Does it hurt to think of life without them? no yes

40.Do you remember special anniversaries (first date, etc.)? no yes

41.Do you remember little anniversaries (first time you ate sushi together, etc.)? no yes

42.Do you find that you are bringing them up in a lot of conversations (i.e. Well Jenny thinks...)? no yes

43.When buying major purchases, do you consider if they would approve? no yes

44.If they needed a kidney, would you give them one of yours? no yes

45.Are you thinking about them right now? no yes

46.Do you miss them, even when they are in the next room? no yes

47.Have you ever taken a class together just so you could spend more time with them? no yes

48.Have they met your parents (if they are still alive...or have you met theirs)? no yes

49.Have you written them a poem? no yes

50.Have you written them a letter? no yes

51.Have you or they picked a song (you know "yours and their song")? no yes

52.If they moved out of state/providence would you follow? no yes

53.Would you shave your head if they asked you too? no yes

54.Have you ever serenaded them in a public place? no yes

55.Does their smile make you smile? no yes

56.Do you hurt when they hurt? no yes

57.Do you feel like you can read their mind? no yes

58.Do hours just fly by when you are with them? no yes

59.Have you ever told them that you love them in front of your friends? no yes

60.Have you ever just sat and listened to their problems? no yes

61.Ever bought tickets to a function (movie, play, show, etc) you had no interest in but they did? no yes

62.Have you remained faithful to them, never cheating? no yes

63.Are you always honest with them (beside little lies like "No really that looks great on you?"?) no yes

64.Have you ever taken the time to massage their feet? no yes

65.Do you chat with them online (via e-mail, chat or other internet source)? no yes

66.Have you ever made future plans together? no yes

67.Have you or did you name your children before they were conceived? no yes

68.Do you know their birthday? no yes

69.Do you know their favorite color? no yes

70.If you had to be separated by a large distance, could you keep you feelings alive? no yes

71.Does the mere mention of their name in a passing conversation make you feel warm inside? no yes

72.Have you ever found yourself scribbling their name with hearts and love on the side of a piece of paper, a desk, or other? no yes

73.Do you have trouble sleeping after an unresolved argument with them? no yes

74.Have you ever stolen their underwear when they were not looking? no yes

75.Do you look forward to days off / weekends just to spend more time with them? no yes

76.Do you save little items (movie ticket stubs) from dates or outings? no yes

77.Have you ever posted anywhere on the internet (a newsgroup, discussion page, etc.) a shout out that you loved them? no yes

78.Brought a rose to them for not other reason than thanking them for being who they are? no yes

79.Have you ever traveled (or would you) 100 miles just to see each other? no yes

80.Have you ever dedicated a song to them on the radio? no yes

81.Ever found yourself wishing more people could be like them? no yes

82.Do you get butterflies in your stomach every time they come into the room? no yes

83.Do find yourself constantly thinking about what they are doing at that moment when they are not around? no yes

84.Have you ever taken up a new hobby just because they shared that hobby? no yes

85.Do you find it harder to shop for them then anyone else? no yes

86.Do you ever fantasize about marrying them (or often daydream back to the day you did)? no yes

87.Are they, in your opinion, the most interesting/fascinating person on Earth? no yes

88.Did you specifically visit Romance 101 or this test with them in mind? no yes

89.Is being unfaithful to them something you could never possibly do? no yes

90.Do they make you happy? no yes

91.Do you believe in Destiny now or more then you did because of them? no yes

92.Have you ever "zoned out" during a conversation with someone because you were thinking of them? no yes

93.Does holding their hand make you feel more safe and secure? no yes

94.When shopping, do you often think "What would they like" when making your decision? no yes

95.Do you like them better then Chocolate? no yes

96.Have you ever been out on a date with them? no yes

97.Have you live together (married or not)? no yes

98.Have you ever proposed marriage to them? no yes

99.Have you married them? no yes

100.Would you be willing to lay down your life to save theirs? no yes


Your score:

100%    Obsession Kills Love...You might be too obsessed here.
80 - 99% Strong & Long Lasting Love.
50 - 79% New Love moving towards Long Lasting Love.
30 - 49% Pure Infatuation heading towards Love.
10 - 29% It's a Die-Hard Crush on it's way to Infatuation
1 - 9% Possible Crush Here
0% Loveless....

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